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Dr. Yang, our senior specialist and board-certified Prosthodontist, recently attended the 93rd annual meeting of the American Prosthodontic Society. She has spent over 20 years in practice, improving patient smiles and changing patients’ lives for the better.

The American prosthodontic society aims to promote the disciplines of prosthodontics and improve patient experiences and outcomes. Their goal is to continually educate dentists and promote research so that new methods and techniques can be discovered. Following are some of the speaker lectures Dr. Yang was able to attend during the event.

Salvatore J. Esposito, DMD, MS, FICD

Salvatore discussed the topic of patients who seek full dentures as opposed to individual implants. He talked about diagnosing those patients, contributions made by the Society that make denture processes easier, and how esthetics are important when managing denture care for a patient. 

Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC

Much of the success of dental restorations lies in not only their functionality, but how they look aesthetically as well. It’s vital for dental restorations to have the correct contour, texture, surface colorants, and luster to make them look exceptional. Dr. McLaren discussed the skills necessary to create dental restorations that look flawlessly realistic. 

The lecture covered the unique texture and surface characteristics each tooth must have in order for the dentures to look realistic as possible.

Joseph Kan, DDS, MS

Immediate tooth replacements are dental implants that can be replaced rather quickly – in just one visit. Dr. Kan discussed the issues surrounding this type of dentistry and how they can work to improve some of those issues. Questions about immediate implants that arose included: do they affect gingival aesthetics? Do they work for all teeth? How can current methods be improved? 

This presentation focused on how to improve the methods and results of 
immediate tooth replacements for patients.

Implications of the Event

It’s DentART’s goal to constantly improve our methods and techniques. Although our entire staff has gone through extensive schooling and training, we never stop learning and growing. When you are a patient with us, we are committed to your health, well-being, and complete satisfaction. 

Our goal is to work with you to improve your oral health and come up with creative solutions that meet your needs. For a prosthodontist in Chicago who is committed to your care and health, give DENTArt Chicago a call today.

American Prosthodontic Society

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Prosthodontic Society

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