Labor Day weekend 2022 my front tooth broke off without warning. No pain, tooth wasn't loose, it just broke off. When I was 13 I chipped my tooth and over the last 4 decades, I've had to have a cap replaced every few years. Each time my actual tooth was shaved until it was so thin it eventually broke off. Fast forward to labor day weekend 2022. Because it was the holiday weekend my regular dentist office was closed. I went on Google and found DentArt. They were open, were able to take me in and gave me a temporary grill. Obviously. I had to have an implant as the tooth was gone. The doctors were excellent. They walked me through every step of the process. Dr. Yang!!! I have no words to describe her, but I'll try...friendly, professional,knowledgeable and she actually cared what my tooth looked like once delivered. It was important for her to get the color to match, because it was in the front. She sent the tooth back to the technicians TWICE because she was not satisfied. I really appreciate that she did that and did not just stick anything in the front of my face. I absolutely recommend DentArt for all your dental needs. The supporting staff was also top notch with their customer service. I appreciate all of them so much.

Crystal Roberts