Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry in Chicago

If you’re looking for a “cosmetic dentist near me” and want to improve your smile, we invite you to schedule an appointment at DentArt Chicago serving Chicago, IL, including South Loop and West Loop. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your smile and help you regain your confidence so that you can smile with ease. You deserve a healthy, beautiful smile, and we can help you achieve those goals with a complete smile makeover by our cosmetic dentists.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentist in West Loop Chicago

Cosmetic dentistry involves any procedures that improve the appearance of the teeth, gums, or bite. It focuses on factors such as the position, color, shape size, and alignment of the smile. Before getting any cosmetic procedures performed, you’ll have a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss your goals and pick a procedure that works for you.

Our trained, experienced, and board-certified dentists can perform a variety of cosmetic services so you’ll walk out of our office feeling more confident about your smile than you ever were. Some cosmetic procedures we offer include:

  • Veneers
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental implants
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental crown
  • And more!

Our cosmetic dentists will assess your overall oral health during an initial consultation and recommend the appropriate cosmetic dentistry to give you the beautiful smile you want.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

As you consider your cosmetic dentistry options, it’s essential to learn more about the benefits of these procedures. Cosmetic dentistry procedures primarily correct the aesthetics of your smile, allowing you to smile with confidence and ease.

These treatments correct or conceal cosmetic blemishes. In addition to improving your appearance, cosmetic dental care can also make you look younger, prevent future dental damage, and even strengthen your teeth. Our dental team will discuss all the benefits of these procedures to help you make an informed decision on your cosmetic dental care.

Cosmetic Dentistry Costs

Insurance companies don’t always cover procedures they consider cosmetic. However, this isn’t always the case when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. Because many of these procedures also have restorative properties, they may be at least partially covered by dental insurance. We will work with you and your insurance company to figure out costs for your procedures.

Cosmetic dentistry costs can vary, depending on the type of cosmetic dentistry procedure you want and how extensive the work is. For instance, dental veneers can cost between $900 and $2500 per tooth, while dental implants typically range between $1000 and $3000 each. A full-mouth reconstruction could cost up to $96,000 depending on how many procedures you require.

Chicago Restorative Dentistry

While some people are unhappy with their smiles due to cosmetic issues that have little or no effect on their oral health, others experience dental issues that can create more severe problems in the future. If you need restorative dentistry from a qualified restorative dentist, DentArt Chicago provides the reliable dental services you need close to Chicago, IL. Our restorative dentists work closely with you to determine the most effective treatments to restore your oral health and help you live a better quality of life.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry refers to any dental procedures designed to correct oral health conditions or other oral problems you may experience. These restorative dental treatments can repair damage and give you optimal dental health. Your dentist may recommend these procedures if you experience accidental damage, tooth decay, or another type of dental trauma. Our restorative dentists are highly qualified and can help you determine the best treatments to ensure your mouth is as healthy as possible.

Personalized Treatment Plans

No matter the condition of your oral health, our restorative dentists can provide all the dental treatments you need to restore optimal health. We start with an evaluation of your current oral health to determine the problems we need to address. Once we are familiar with the dental issues you’re experiencing, we will build a personalized plan that includes all the restorative dental treatments we recommend. Our treatments may include:

  • Dental Crowns — If your tooth has experienced significant decay, dental crowns can be placed over the tooth to support its structure and allow you to keep your natural teeth. These caps create a stable chewing surface to restore oral function.
  • Dental Bridges — Dental bridges can fill in the gaps in your smile. Our restorative dentist in Chicago, IL, will secure anchors around the surrounding teeth and place a false tooth in the gap, restoring your smile.
  • Dental Fillings — Many people have needed at least one dental filling in their lifetime. Our restorative dentists remove the decay from the tooth and fill in the gap with high-quality materials that strengthen your teeth and restore their function.
  • Dentures — Full and partial dentures are an ideal way to replace missing teeth, so you can eat and speak more easily. You may be able to choose between removable and fixed dentures, depending on your situation.
  • Dental Implants — If you’re missing one or several teeth, dental implants are an excellent solution. These implants look and function like your natural teeth and are a long-lasting solution to fill in the gaps in your smile.
  • Root Canal Therapy — More severe decay can lead to infections in the roots of your teeth. When this occurs, our dental team will recommend root canal therapy. We clean out the root of your tooth and close it off with a dental filling to eliminate pain and restore your oral health.
  • Tooth Extractions — Whether you need your wisdom teeth removed or other teeth are causing problems for your oral health, our oral surgeons perform a reliable tooth extraction to eliminate the issue.
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction — Patients who have many oral health issues may require a full-mouth restoration. This restoration looks different for each patient and is designed around their unique needs to ensure good oral health.

Restorative Dentistry Costs

Restorative dentistry costs can vary, depending on the types of treatments you require. The good news is that most dental insurance policies will cover some or even all the costs of these treatments. Be sure to ask your dentist to submit an estimate to your insurance company so you can find out how much your out-of-pocket costs will be. We can also help with financing options to ensure you can get the high-quality dental care you require.

Contact our restorative dentists in Chicago, IL, to schedule an appointment to discuss your oral health needs. We’re ready to build your personalized treatment plan to help you get the healthy mouth you deserve.

Why Choose DentArt?

At DentArt Chicago, serving Chicago, IL, including South Loop and West Loop, you’ll work with caring, compassionate cosmetic and restorative dentists who want to give you the beautiful smile you deserve. We work closely with you to develop a personalized care plan that gives you the desired results. Schedule an appointment with our cosmetic dentist today to learn how cosmetic dentistry can help you.