Pitts 21 Braces at an Orthodontist Near Chicago

We are constantly on the lookout for newer, more modern methods that will make your orthodontic journey faster, more comfortable, and more efficient. That’s why at Dentart, we use Pittsugh 21 brackets on all braces treatments.

What Makes Pitts Different?

Pitts 21 brackets use self-litigating bracket technology, which means they are self-joining. They are much more effective than competitor brackets, and are even the only 3D controlled brackets on the market. They have integrated hooks, smooth rounded edges, and a special litigation system that allows for better control of rotation and torque.

A reduced slot depth also allows for faster rotation of teeth, improved torque, and better control over tooth movement. Lastly, a superior built under tie-wing area is proficient at supporting elastics, ligatures, and other various bracket ad-ons. Overall, these factors make for a more effective teeth-straightening system for all patients.

In addition, since these brackets are self-litigating, patients don’t need to attend frequent tightening appointments. This will save plenty of time, money, and unnecessary discomfort from adjustment periods. Best of all, braces treatment times are usually shorter with Pitts 21.

Comfortable Braces Experience

Not only is this type of bracket more efficient, but it’s more comfortable for the patient as well. Braces can sometimes cut your inner lips and gums, but with the Pitts 21 system, the chances of that happening are very low. The brackets don’t have any hard edges and they fit closer to the teeth, making them much more comfortable. This eliminates the need for pesky dental wax.

These brackets also don’t stick out as much, so it’s harder for food and other particles to get stuck inside. Food also mainly gets stuck in braces due to rubber bands or elastics, but the Pitts 21 system uses neither!

Since the brackets are smaller and have a smoother surface, they are much easier to keep clean, especially when brushing and flossing. A simple water swish should be able to clean out all foreign particles.

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