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Common Summertime Dental Issues | Dentist West Loop

Summer is a lot of people’s favorite seasons. It brings about fun new activities, exciting adventures, and long-lasting memories. However, keeping up your dental care over the summer is just as important as the rest of the year. Following are some ways that summer tends to negatively impact one’s oral health.

Too Many Sweet Treats

You may be tempted to have more sweet treats over the summer. Ice cream trucks, fairs, and festivals galore have plenty of sweet treats to offer. However, an increase in eating sugary foods means an increase in your chances of getting a cavity. Sugary, sticky desserts are your teeth’s worst enemy.

Without an extensive oral care routine, an increase in sweet treats will lead to tooth decay. Try cutting down on sugary snacks with low-sugar, healthy replacement options.

Chewing on Ice

You may be tempted to chew on ice from cold drinks or straight from the freezer to cool down. However, chewing on ice can be detrimental to your teeth. Not only can it break or chip your teeth, but can cause tooth damage and weakened enamel over time. Try sucking on the ice to cool down instead of biting or chewing on it.

Sports Injuries

You’ll most likely be much more physically active in the summer. Whether you partake in contact sports, swimming, running, or another outdoor summer activity, you’ll be more susceptible to injuries. Sports, especially contact sports, can cause you to sustain injuries to your teeth, mouth and jaw if you don’t have the correct protective gear. If you spend hours in the pool, your teeth will be more susceptible to tooth decay from the chlorine.

Make sure that no matter what sports or fun summertime activities you’re engaging in, you’re wearing gear that protects your beautiful smile!


Dehydration is more common in the summer as your body temperature is much higher due to the heat. Hydration is extremely important for your health and wellness, but it’s a lesser known fact that it’s also important for your oral health. Without enough hydration in the body, your salivary glands won’t be producing as much saliva, which can cause your teeth and gums to dry out.

This dry environment is the perfect ground for bacteria to thrive, which leads to diseases. Therefore, it’s vital to make sure you remain hydrated at all times year-round, but especially over the summer.

Schedule Your Summer Dental Appointment

Receiving quality dental care twice a year will ensure that your oral health is in pristine condition year-round. Our highly trained dentists will be able to determine if there are any outstanding issues as well as give your mouth the deep clean it needs to remain healthy. Our orthodontist in West Loop of Chicago can also help with issues such as overcrowding, bite issues, and misaligned teeth.

If it’s been more than six months since the last time you received a routine cleaning, call our dentist in the Chicago West Loop today for the highest quality dental services. We look forward to seeing you in our office!