How to Calm Dental Anxiety Naturally

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How to Calm Dental Anxiety Naturally

Everyone has different fears and anxieties in life – and for some, it may be the dentist. However, it’s important to work through those anxieties, as going to the dentist twice a year is vital for your oral health. The dentist needs to check to make sure there are no cavities, no other outstanding issues, and give you the deep clean your mouth needs.

Following are ways that you can curb your dental phobia before and during your dental appointment.

Breathing and Meditation Exercises

Doing mindfulness exercises can have a surprisingly dramatic and positive effect on your state of anxiety. Deep breathing will make you feel much calmer and more grounded. Close your eyes, breathe in through your nose, hold it in for a few seconds and breathe out. This will calm down your central nervous system and make you focus more on your breath and being in the moment.

Meditating can also have a calming effect on your mood. Try looking up a meditation video or listen to a meditation podcast. Using these techniques can relax your body and bring you out of a state of anxiousness. You can try these meditation and breathing techniques while in the waiting room and also while in the dental chair.

Communicate Your Feelings

Explaining how you feel to your dentist can make all the difference. Having the dentist know your concerns and fears will make you feel more at ease. When they know what your concerns are, they’ll be able to alleviate your concerns and walk you through everything.

Never be afraid to ask questions. Fear of the unknown can cause anxiety, so if you know exactly what’s going to happen without any surprises, you may feel much better. You may also want to come up with a signal that shows you need a break – for example, raising your hand.

Distract Yourself

It may be hard to pull yourself away from your nervous thoughts, but distracting yourself can greatly aid in curbing dental anxiety. Bring headphones and listen to your favorite songs, podcasts, or audio books. Maybe bring a stress ball, fidget spinner, or playdough. Any devices or items that you can use to occupy your mind can help calm your anxiety.

Watch What You Consume Beforehand

Consuming any food or drink with excess caffeine or sugar can make you extra jittery and worsen your anxiety. Make sure that leading up to your appointment you don’t eat or drink anything with those ingredients so that your nerves are as calm as possible. Try drinking calming, caffeine-free chamomile tea instead.

Select a Supportive Dental Office

The best way to curb your dental anxiety is to select a dental office that has a caring, understanding staff. At DentArt, you will find that every dentist is dedicated to your care. We will always listen to your concerns and find solutions to fit your needs. We understand how debilitating dental anxiety can be and will always work to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Give us a call today!

We don’t want anxiety or fear of the dentist getting in the way of much-needed dental visits. For high-quality dental care with a compassionate touch that you can trust, give our dentist in South Loop a call today.