What are full-arch dental implants?

Full-arch dental implants are fixed dentures supported by implants for the entire arch. For some patients, due to conditions such as gum disease or severe damage, saving their natural teeth is not possible. In such cases, implants serve as artificial roots to support fixed dentures.

Who is a suitable candidate for full-arch dental implants?

The ideal candidates for full-arch dental implants are individuals willing to improve their quality of life, who have well-controlled medical conditions, are committed to maintaining oral hygiene, and possess sufficient bone volume to support the implants. On the contrary, individuals with poorly controlled medical conditions, heavy smokers, or minimal bone volume who are averse to extensive surgical procedures may not be suitable candidates for full-arch dental implants.

How do full-arch dental implants compare to complete dentures?

When comparing full-arch dental implants to complete dentures, significant advantages become apparent. With full-arch dental implants, you can comfortably enjoy any food you desire. Chewing efficiency is almost completely restored, similar to having your natural teeth. In contrast, complete dentures provide only 30 to 40% of the chewing efficiency and necessitate patients to cut food into smaller pieces and place them at the back of the denture.

What is the process for getting full-arch dental implants?

The process for obtaining full-arch dental implants involves several steps. First, you come in for a consultation. Next, we conduct examinations and gather records to plan the treatment. You then undergo the implant surgery. If the implants exhibit good stability, we can provide you with an implant-supported fixed temporary denture immediately, allowing you to resume regular eating. Subsequently, you return for a final impression. Afterward, you receive the final prosthesis, with the duration varying depending on your bone condition. Without the need for additional bone grafting, it takes about four to six months. However, if bone grafting is necessary for a solid foundation, the process may extend to eight to ten months.

Is full-arch dental implant surgery painful?

Today, we have options such as local anesthetics or conscious sedation, which allow you to sleep during the surgery. These methods ensure a painless surgical experience.

How long do full-arch dental implants last?

As long as you maintain your medical condition and oral hygiene, full-arch dental implants can last a long time. For instance, one patient had full-arch dental implants for 32 years, and they remained in excellent condition even after her passing. Proper care can extend the lifespan of your implants.

Can full-arch dental implants be customized to match my natural teeth?

Absolutely, we offer multiple colors to match your natural teeth. You can choose the one that suits you best, and we will create it for you.